A bakery in Runnemede, New Jersey has taken to social media in the hopes of finding out who stole a tip jar right off their counter.

Runnemede NJ Bakery Robbed of Tip Jar

The alleged crime happened Monday, February 26 at Deluxe Italian Bakery, located on E. Clements Bridge Road in Runnemede.

Deluxe Italian Bakery Runnemede NJ
Deluxe Italian Bakery/Facebook

Deluxe is a bakery popular with Camden County locals and beyond that's been in business for more than 70 years.

But on Monday, someone took their love for the bakery a little too far, helping themselves to more than just its delicious pastries and bread. The person sneakily swiped a jar full of tips for the bakery staff in plain sight.

Suspect Sought in Runnemede NJ Bakery Tip Jar Theft

Runnemede NJ Police Department Vehicle
Runnemede Police Department/Facebook

The suspected Deluxe Bakery tip jar thief was captured in surveillance images pulling the container away from the register. His right arm comes up from underneath the inside of his sweatshirt where he, presumably, hid the jar before leaving the store.

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The suspect is dark skinned and stocky with bearded facial hair and eyeglasses. He is wearing a light-colored zip-up hoodie and dark pants.

Deluxe Bakery in Runnemede NJ Asks for Help Identifying Thief

Deluxe Italian Bakery has posted surveillance photos of the suspected tip jar thief on its Facebook page hoping someone from the public can help identify him.

Runnemede Police Department is also urging the suspect to turn themselves in and accept their punishment.

Stealing a jar of tips meant to benefit employees or a charity is about the lowest, pettiest of acts out there, in my opinion.

If you recognize the suspect, contact Deluxe Bakery at 856-939-5000 or Runnemede Police Department at 856-939-0330.

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