Police are searching for multiple suspects who smashed their way into a gun store in Marlton, New Jersey and made off with bags of stolen weapons.

Disturbing, Violent Robbery of Marlton, NJ Gun Store

The burglary took place in the early morning hours on Monday, NJ.com reports, around 2:30 a.m. at Urban Tactical Firearms in the Plaza 70 Shopping Center off Route 70 and Cooper Ave.

Urban Tactical Firearms in Marlton NJ
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That is SO scary to me because that is the same shopping center where I get my hair cut!

At least four suspects were caught on surveillance video. On the outside of the gun retailer, one is seen throwing a rock at the glass door. The minute it shatters, all three rush through the opening, finish the break in, and enter the store.

Weapons and Ammunition Stolen from Gun Retailer in Marlton, NJ

Marlton NJ Gun Store Theft Suspects
Evesham Township Police (NJ)/Facebook; 6abc.com

Once inside Urban Tactical Firearms, even as the store's alarm went off, the thieves grabbed several guns, including several handguns and a rifle, according to police, as well as ammunition. They were in and out in about two minutes time, 6abc.com reports.

Evesham, NJ Police Look to Identify Gun Store Theft Suspects

All four men broke into the gun store wearing black or dark-colored clothing and masks. They reportedly fled the scene in a white Hyundai sedan.

Evesham Township Police Chief Walt Miller says he believe the Hyundai used in the commission of the robbery is a stolen vehicle.

"We believe this vehicle is possibly stolen based on the fact that the suspects exit the vehicle through the windows without opening the doors," said Miller.

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Anyone with information that could lead authorities to the suspects or the vehicle used during the gun store burglary is urged to contact Evesham Township Police at (856) 983-1116 or at eveshampd.org.

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