Happy St. Patrick's Day.

The St. Paddy's holiday has been celebrated all over the country with parades and other special events.

In Chicago, they put green dye in the Chicago River to celebrate their day. Plenty of local bars use green dye in their beer to get into the spirit of the holiday. Many People wear green just one day a year and dust off the only green shirt they own in their closet just for this day.

With all that being said, did you know, Cape May County has the highest percentage of people with Irish ancestry in the United States according to the Census Bureau?

28.6% of the people who live in Cape May County are of Irish descent.

Nearby Gloucester County is No. 5 in the country at 24.9%, but Cape May County is No. 1.

If you're thinking of celebrating the holiday, here are some great spots in South Jersey.

Best South Jersey Bars For St. Patrick's Day

Gallery Credit: Mike Gill

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