In Atlantic City, New Jersey, (for) controversial Mayor Marty Small … it has become a disturbing case of

"Rules for Thee, but Not for Me."

Residents and visitors get ticketed all of the time in Atlantic City if their parking meter runs out of time … yet, Small parks whenever, wherever he wants.

On Valentine’s Day evening, February 14, 2024, Atlantic City restauranteur Johnny Exadaktilos busted Small parking illegally, while he was dining at an Atlantic City restaurant.

Here’s what that looked like:

Johnny Exadaktilos photo.
Johnny Exadaktilos photo.

It’s also such a shame to see so many boarded-up windows on the beach block of Atlantic City … which should be some of the most pristine, prime real estate in America.

This is what Exadaktilos said about Small on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2024:

This is the Mayor of @atlanticcitynjgov SUV. As we see it's parked illegally so he can enjoy his meal on Valentines Night. So if you get a parking ticket tonight or any night this isn't official business. It's pathetic, narcissistic and disgusting he thinks he can do what ever he wants. It must come to an end, wrote Exadaktilos.

Johnny Exadaktilos has become “ninja-like” when it comes to catching Small in the act, writing the following about Small on his social media page regarding yet other creative parking job by Marty Small:

On 2/23/24 we have Mr Road Diet blocking the bike lane for what??? A cup of coffee?? Should be issued a ticket!, wrote Exadaktilos.

Here is a photo of Marty Small’s taxpayer-paid luxury SUV.

Johnny Exadaktilos photo.
Johnny Exadaktilos photo.

As you can see, Small is illegally parked and the SUV is sitting right in the new bicycle lane on the stupid Atlantic Avenue road diet scheme configuration.

Small, himself, proves the point right here that the shrunken road scheme does not work.

Exadaktilos has been a fearless, vocal critic against certain activities committed by Small and his wife, La’Quetta Small, who is the Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools.

Exadaktilos has published photos in the past of La’Quetta Small’s taxpayer-paid luxury SUV parked Illegally, near The Tropicana Casino Hotel, “The Quarter” shopping area.

Atlantic City, under Small has earned a reputation for political retaliation against perceived political enemies.

This makes it all the more rare that a prominent business owner (Exadaktilos) would become a watch dog and relentless critic of the Mayor of the City where his business resides ... because of the political retaliation that has been known to occur.

In fact, Exadaktilos has amassed a perfect 5-0 record in litigation cases brought against him in Atlantic City.

Exadaktilos holds his own weekly Facebook FaceTime broadcast event, which features good news that is taking place in Atlantic City ... but, it is most well known for its brutal, no holds barred commentary and criticism of Small.

Any time that Marty Small step’s out of line, Exadaktilos appears to catch him.

SOURCE: Johnny Exadaktilos.

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