If you've promised yourself a more eventful and adventurous year in 2024, you have to spend the day getting lost in the woods at Franklin Parker Preserve.

This park is easily accessible from any part of South Jersey and has some of the most beautiful views of cranberry and blueberry bogs in all of the Garden State. Located in Chatsworth, Burlington County, you never know what you'll see in the woods over there.

You can expect to discover the wetlands up close and personal as you make your way along the green trail when you pull into the preserve's Chatsworth Lake entrance. There are two entrances to the park. If you'd like to start at the beginning of this trail, the lake entrance is the one you'll want to park at. It's right off of Country Road 532. The preserve entrance is well marked. You shouldn't miss it.

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One of the best aspects of the trails within this preserve are all the observation platforms. Expect to see a ton of wildlife both on and out of the water when you climb the platform to take a good look. You'll also find yourself crossing the fun suspension bridge over water during your hike.

I can now say I've done this hike at least two times now and it's definitely one of my favorites. I LOVE to look at all the different changes in scenery. This hike will take you over old railroad tracks, along a creek, over cranberry bogs, and passed the biggest Adirondack chairs you've ever seen.

That's one of the key photo ops you'll have to take advantage of on your hike. Not only is this spot super cool to experience, but it's perfect for a lunch or snack break. Even if you just stop for some water, you have to take a picture in one of these things.

The green trail at Franklin Parker Preserve is listed as a 6.7 mile loop. Good news! It's dog friendly, too!

Highly recommend it for your next weekend adventure!

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