Long-time Atlantic City, New Jersey resident Tom Foley described the scene earlier this week as a “horseshoe crab apocalypse” on the Atlantic City beach.

Literally hundreds of dead horseshoe crabs have washed up … all at the same time.

This seems like some kind of phenomenon … but, it really isn’t.

In January, 2022, Ocean City, New Jersey had hundreds of dead horseshoe crabs wash to the shore line.

This is the exact same time frame as has occurred this year in Atlantic City.

Here is Foley’s photo, which looks like it belongs on the Sci Fi Television Channel:

Tom Foley photo via Facebook.
Tom Foley photo via Facebook.

In the comment section of Foley’s social media post, Jill E Hallowell wrote, “every springtime, horseshoe crabs come out of the ocean to mate and lay eggs. Many roll over and end up dying. It's not all beaches, where I live it's just a few. I always turn them back over.”

Former Atlantic City Beach Patrol “Doubles Rowing Champion” (with Bob Garbutt, Sr.), wrote: “Reminds me of the conch shells that washed up on the beaches and the star fish on the beach in Brigantine years ago. Do you remember the butterflies that filled the sky as high as you see and as far as you could all round at New Hampshire beach in AC?”

When this mass amount of horseshoe crabs beach themselves … many are dead … but, many are not.

This pattern usually includes a long line of seaweed in the path of the horseshoe crabs.

Some of the horseshoe crabs could be seen burrowing in the sand.

If you see a live horseshoe crab upside down … the recommendation is to place the horseshoe crab right side up and you can give it a chance to make its way back to the ocean.

NOTE: Tom Foley is a former New Jersey Assemblyman, Atlantic County Freeholder, Pleasantville City Councilman, Atlantic City Battalion Chief, Fire Department Union President and Atlantic City Emergency Management Director.

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