When's the last time you or someone you know bought a pack of cigarettes. Sure, people still smoke here in the Garden State, but not at a rate anywhere near what it was in, let's say, the eighties, for example.

Smoking on the decline for quite a few years now. Cigarette smoking, at least. Still, a lot of parents would rather not have to worry about their children ever getting tempted by the habit at all.

Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash
Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash

There's a new law that will soon take effect that will essentially eradicate smoking from the culture completely over in the United Kingdom. The UK's prime minister announced last week that there will never be a time where the now-14-year-olds in the country will ever be able to legally buy a pack of cigarettes. How? Simple. They've decided to raise the legal purchasing age each and every year.

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So, that means that every single person born in the United Kingdom in 2009 and younger will never be legally allowed to go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes. The prime minister literally plans to phase out the buying and selling of cigarettes in that country.

Do you think a law like that would fly here in the Garden State? What would happen if Governor Murphy tried to pass a similar law? Quite frankly, the laws regarding smoking in the UK are a lot more restrictive than they are here in the United States. The tobacco companies pay a heavy tax on their product, so the likelihood a law would be passed here to prevent the buying and selling of cigarettes completely is slim to none. Sure, it would benefit our overall health, but there's just too much money to be made.

Photo by Julia Engel on Unsplash
Photo by Julia Engel on Unsplash

If you're a parent who would support this law here in New Jersey, let us know by messaging us on the app!

Source: BBC.com

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