There is one law in New Jersey that isn’t implemented in any other state.

I absolutely love getting into all of the odd and sometimes unnecessary laws in every state and New Jersey is officially the last state to make pumping your own gas illegal.

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I’ve grown up in New Jersey my entire life and I did not learn to pump my own gas until I was about 18 years old and went to Florida for vacation.

If you go over the bridge into PA or drive into any bordering state for that matter, you either need to teach yourself in the moment or look up a good YouTube video because you will not get any help when it comes to pumping gas.

What States Make It Illegal To Pump Your Own Gas?



Oregon used to be the only other state within the United States thst also had a law about pumping gas and had gas station attendants. However, in recent years, there have been bills passed where self-service gas stations are allowed, leaving New Jersey alone on this side of the argument.

Were you aware that not only are there gas stations in New Jersey with gas station attendants, it’s actually illegal to pump your own gas?

Can You Be Fined For Pumping Your Gas in New Jersey?



According to Jerseys Best, you can get yourself a $50 - $250 fine just for getting out and pumping it yourself! We’re definitely spoiled in New Jersey when it comes to pumping our gas, but it’s only because we have to be! Would you rather get out and pump your own gas or are you okay with leaving things the way they are?

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