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Every time the number of COVID-19 positives have started to downturn, a major holiday comes around which has, so far, resulted in an upswing of coronaviruses cases for a few weeks.

I may not have been as active on social media as I normally am while on my Christmas staycation this year, but I was on it enough to see that while many people were celebrating the holidays safely this year, there were still a few Instagram and Facebook stories in which I saw some pretty wild parties happening. That's all well and good (not really) if you were practicing social distancing (not likely), but when the number of cases spike yet again and even more mandates are placed upon us, I hope those people feel like it was worth it.

Listen, I totally understand that we can't live like this forever. I'm in no way the state's biggest fan with the way this whole COVID-19 situation has played out, but South Jersey was headed in a good direction. Of course, some weeks we'd spike back up again, but overall, it seemed like everyone in this part of the state took the virus seriously and wanted to make sure we could all get back to our normal lives ASAP.

Yep, I can't wait to get out there and have a social life again, but what I don't want is to contract the virus and bring it home to my loved ones. So, since the pattern shows the numbers normally increase in the few weeks after a major holiday, I'll be making sure to practice due diligence when it comes to sanitizing and masking up for the foreseeable future. With the Christmas and New Year's holidays back-to-back, I feel like I need to be extra cautious when it comes to daily tasks like grocery shopping and such to ensure I'm doing all I can to remain healthy.

I guess only the numbers released over the next few weeks will let us know for sure how South Jersey did over the holidays.


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