Half a billion dollars.

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Does anyone actually have any idea how much money that really is? I mean, besides the likes of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Oprah and the Olsen Twins? Two more people may soon understand what that feels like as two of the country's biggest lottery games have jackpots worth over $400 million this week.

Since $500 million is half a billion dollars, the jackpots being worth over $400 million will put the winners pretty close to billionaires. Millions are great and all, but almost a billion dollars? I'm not even sure my own brain comprehends exactly how much money that is.

After doing some research, I've discovered some pretty impressive purchases that could easily be obtained by the winners of the two large chunks of change. Some of them are definitely frivolous (hey, if you can afford it, why not?) but others pertain to things only those from South Jersey would appreciate.

Before I dive into those, I have a serious question for you. If you were one of the lucky winners of either the $410 million Powerball or the $432 million Mega Millions jackpot, what are the first three things you'd do with the money? A pretty valid question, wouldn't you agree? Especially since, ya know, you'd pretty much be able to do ANYTHING you wanted?

For me, the first thing I'd do is pay off all of my student loans and make myself debt-free. Ah, what a dream.

10 Purchases You Can Easily Afford When You Win the $400 Million Lottery Jackpots

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