Other than the first responders working their butts off amid the coronavirus pandemic, no group of people need a bit of holiday cheer more during this time of year than the country's veterans.

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On Thursday night (December 17th), Jerrod Niemann joined in for a new series called Vet Talks, a virtual show meant to connect and boost the morale of U.S. veterans. The live streamed concert was sponsored by The Department of Veterans' Affairs and was originally by invitation only before it was switched to a Facebook live stream.

The show consisted of Jerrod, his guitarist, and the Vet Talks host playing games, engaging in multiple question-and-answer segments, as well as a bunch of music from Niemann himself. The cool aspect of the show being streamed virtually on Facebook was the correspondence that was able to be had between viewers and the artist.

via Suzie Pepe

One viewer, a part-time South Jersey resident and member of the Army National Guard, even received a direct shout-out from Niemann for her birthday. That's not all.... he even played her 'Happy Birthday' on his guitar. Check it out:


When we asked SPC Suzie Pepe if she had any idea that she would be getting a specific shout-out from Niemann, she told us that she was shocked that he sang to her directly.

"I had absolutely no idea that he was going to sing me "Happy Birthday". I mean, I'm super honored that he took the time out to sing to me, but I just can't even believe he took it there. Jerrod's known for his appreciation and reverence towards those in uniform, but I had no idea he was this kind of a soul. It was a moment I'll never forget."


SPC Pepe has been coming to South Jersey every summer since she was a little girl. Her family has a summer home in Cape May Court House and says they keep Cat on all the time when they're here. Pepe shares that her entire family are huge Cat Country fans and wanted to share this special moment with us.

Apparently, this will not be the only Vet Talks live stream - BJ, the host, says veterans can look forward to more shows like this in the future.

via Suzie Pepe

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