It's Joe Kelly's birthday today!

No, he won't divulge his age (believe me, I tried), but both his sass and spunk have been entertaining you every morning now for over twenty years. We know many people would like to extend their birthday wishes to Joe Kelly, so we've provided you with multiple ways to extend your kind words to him via all of our social media accounts.

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You can wish him a happy birthday first up on our Instagram: @cat_country_1073:

Next up, we shared a birthday message for Joe on Twitter, so feel free to post your comment there:

And finally, we're shared it to both the Cat Country Facebook page and the morning show page. Share your wishes for Joe on either one. Here's the one we've posted to the Cat Country page HERE!

Of course, all of us here at Cat Country are wishing Joe his best year yet! Enjoy your day, buddy! You know we all love you!



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