Did you watch the first round of the NFL Draft last night?

We did. It was definitely, to say the least, a little different than we're used to. It was all supposed to go down from Las Vegas but due to the coronavirus, that obviously did not happen. Instead, what we got was most of the commentators broadcasting from their makeshift home studios and only two or three of them in the studio.

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The coaches and players were all featured on their own cameras in their homes which, at least in my opinion, was pretty cool to see. The comparison between the usual pomp and circumstance surrounding the draft verses the "unplugged" version we all watched last night is definitely something we'll all remember probably forever.

I think the NFL did the best they could possibly do amid the current state of the country. Joe and I were talking about it on-air this morning and he said that he couldn't have been more bored. While I totally understand that last night's broadcast went without the usual glitz and glamour that accompanies the first night of the draft, I thought it was cool to see a scaled-back version. You got to focus on the players, their reactions, and their families reactions after the announcement rather than everything else going on immediately after the commissioner reads the team's pick. Also, it was really cool to see all the fans from the teams behind the commissioner as he read the selection. He tried so hard to make sure they kept up their hype. It was great!

If it were nothing else, it was definitely something different to witness.

You tell us:

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