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The holidays are among us. Instead of comfort and joy the bastards are trying to scam me!

My cell phone has been ringing all week with calls from "Social Security" informing me that my Social Security Number has been flagged for illegal activity. More calls about my car's extended warranty expiring, and still more about offers to give me zero percent financing on all my credit cards.

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Of course, they're all scams - but, their regular scams.

Yesterday, I was attempted to be scammed via email three different times.

WARNING: DO NOT log onto any of the indicated websites. That's what they want you to do. These and similar scams want you to click on fraudulent websites to infect your computers and devices with the computer equivalent of coronaviruses..... If they can infect you, on occasion, they'll target you and come after you for a ransom to disinfect your virus. (Don't ask me how I know...)

So, here are the scam emails I received yesterday.

1. The big cash payout! Yes! Lucky me! All I have to do is provide you this info and I'm an instant millionaire? Don't you want my Social Security number too?


2. Uh, oh. They caught me! Speeding in Connecticut! Even though I haven't been to the state in over 10 years. Obviously they want you to click on the "See your photo" link... Do it, and I guarantee, bad things will happen!


3. Why yes, I did visit your Facebook trucking page! Wait! What? Again, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS WEBSITE!



Stay safe, my friends! Be careful where you click!

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