I've been listening to and promoting country music for all of my adult life. It pisses me off when people don't get it. Press of Atlantic City writers Michelle Brunetti Post, Erin Serpico, and John DeRosier just don't seem to get it.

In their article published last night, the opening line of the story reads, "Armed with bottled water, cowboy hats, and lots of excitement, thousands of fans of country music star Sam Hunt traveled to the city Sunday for the first beach concert of the season."

Why the need to throw in "cowboy hats" in that story?. Did they actually see many cowboy hats? In their own photo gallery that accompanies the story online, I can literally find one person wearing a cowboy hat in all 21 photos! I see many more baseball caps, bikinis, and sunglasses! Why even mention cowboy hats?

Maybe they should have mentioned that concert goers all drove their pickups from their farms to get to Atlantic City - and on the way, many visited their Mamas in prison!

Come on Atlantic City Press! Wake Up! It's 2018, country music is as mainstream as most other genres. You can't tell a country music fan by the way they dress.

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