Isn't it time you started doing less and not more? ShopRite from Home can help you make that possible.

Whether it's for convenience or for safety issues, many of us have found ourselves doing more and more shopping from home than in the past year.

How about expanding that trend with ShopRite from Home, you can use the promo code CATCOUNTRY to unlock FREE Pickup on orders of $99 or more!

Easy and convenient is what it is.

Simply, click here or download the ShopRite App here to order your groceries, schedule your pick up then drive to ShopRite and pick up your order! They'll bring it right to your vehicle! Of course you can also schedule delivery right to you home too.

During the pandemic, we've had our adult kids under our roof - and that means everybody wants something different to eat!

The easy way is to just order directly on the ShopRite APP!

Meal Planning just got easier! 

You’ll also find - the Recipe Shop. Have you seen this? Pick out a recipe and you can add the ingredients right to your cart. The Recipe Shop can also suggest recipes based on the food on your order list!

Worried about missing out on sale? Don't! You can shop right from the digital circular and add the items to your cart so you never miss a sale!

ShopRite will even let you know which items in your cart have a digital coupon, so you can just click and save right from the app!

ShopRite from Home really makes sense for us, and it can do the same for your family.

Right now, you can use the promo code CATCOUNTRY to unlock FREE Pickup on orders of $99 or more. Just click on the ShopRite App, place your order, put in the CATCOUNTRY promo code, and you're on your way! (This code is only valid at Village ShopRite Locations.)

So, what are you hungry for? Sit back and place your order right now!

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