Granted, my first visit to the new Royal Farms location in Egg Harbor Township in late June did not go well.

I came away disappointed. You can read my first review here.

Give the folks at Royal Farms credit, they noticed my review and got in touch with me quickly.

A corporate representative reached out with word that my review spurred them to take notice of some problems and correct them. That impressed me. A lot.

The representative also offered to bring lunch for our Cat Country staff -- and give us a chance to try their famous chicken.

Today, the store manager, Rob brought some chicken to our studios.

Let me make this perfectly clear: THE CHICKEN WAS FANTASTIC!

I've heard good things about Royal Farms Chicken for some time, and, especially after my first visit, I was hesitant to believe everything I heard.

Well, believe the hype!

I honestly have to say that the fried chicken was about the best I ever had.

First of all, the breasts were huge. (Insert your best joke here.) If I had to compare it to a chicken breast from KFC, I'd say close to twice as big! (You couldn't fit 10 of these breasts in a bucket!)

Secondly, the chicken was moist and tasty. Not greasy. Perfectly cooked.

The coating was delicious!

Bottom line, I'm digging the Royal Farms Chicken!

Now, I will tell you, I have not gone back in the store since my first review. I will do that soon - `cause I'm going to need some more chicken!

Oh, by the way, about a dozen of my co-workers tried the chicken with me. Each and every one of them gave it a big thumbs up, too!

One more thing - the Royal Farms Iced Tea - that's pretty good, too!


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