You've undoubtedly heard the news of another Hollywood corporate executive being accused of sexual misconduct earlier this summer.

The exec in question is Les Moonves, the former CEO of CBS who has since resigned due to the allegations. reports that in a piece featured in The New Yorker, six woman came forward with accusations of inappropriate sexual advances and misconduct from the former CEO.

In a statement released after the news broke, Moonves admitted to some wrongful behavior in the past, but denies any recent misconduct.

Leslie Moonves is married to Julie Chen, the host of the infamous CBS reality series 'Big Brother' and a co-host on 'The Talk'. Julie Chen tweeted in support of her husband saying that he's always been a great husband and father. The tweet basically expressed her intention to stand behind him during this time.

Julie Chen took things a bit further last night, though. She returned to Big Brother last night and took a stand in a BIG way. She always refers to herself as 'Julie Chen'. Last night, however, she chose to address herself as 'Julie Chen Moonves'.

If there was any question about where her loyalty lies, there's not anymore. Julie chose to include her married name no doubt to show that she's in full support of her husband. Needless to say, this went viral on social media. So many opinions are floating around regarding the moral obligations she has as a woman in Hollywood vs. her obligation as a wife. There are plenty arguments for both sides.

There's a third opinion, also. Possibly, the most unpopular opinion, but definitely a plausible idea. There is one corner of the internet that believes Julie did this so CBS would buy her out of her contract. Think about it: she and her family are dealing with so much right now. No one should be surprised if this turns out to be true.

Source: PEOPLE

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