In case you haven't heard, CBS is doing a celebrity edition of it's Big Brother show in February.

I've come up with some country stars I would like to see on the show.

The celebrity edition will reportedly only be three weeks long, and will air in prime time, against NBC's Winter Olympics coverage.

Here's the country stars I'd like to see on the show:

#1 and #2 - Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.

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These too would be dynamite on the show together - scheming, planning, and create havoc for the rest of the cast. Remember, back in 2000 when they were arrested in Buffalo for stealing a horse before a concert? Every country lover in America would watch to see these two!

#3 Thomas Rhett

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Country Music's next superstar would be a great addition to the show - but, unfortunately, he wouldn't last very long:

10 minutes into the show, Rhett would be crying in a corner, missing his beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters.

17 minutes into the show, he'd look into the camera and say "Lauren, I miss you and I'm coming home", and he'd be gone.

#4 Miranda Lambert

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I love Miranda. I could just listen to her talk with that Texas accent all day.

#5 Blake Shelton

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See #4. Think huge fight. Think big ratings!

#6 Brett Eldredge

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I think 99.9% of the women who work at Cat Country on the air and behind the scenes are smitten with Eldredge. I'm sure much of America agrees.

#7 Willie Nelson

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As the show begins, the rest of the cast and crew are talking behind Willie's back, wondering "who let the old guy in."

4 minutes later, the video feed is full of smoke and 12 strangers are seen arm and arm singing "On the Road Again."