Kelsea Ballerini loves to take care of her loyal fans, and the singer showed off just how dedicated she is on this front by sharing a video on Instagram where she brings sunshine to one of her admirers who really needed some lifting up.

In the video, Ballerini puts through a video call to Tori, a young fan in Detroit, who is suffering from an undisclosed illness and was enduring a difficult week-long visit to the hospital—one that was made even harder due to the fact it caused her to miss Ballerini's show date with Keith Urban in her city.

In the heartwarming video, Tori is seen sitting up in her hospital bed answering her phone as it rings. She lets out an astounded "Oh my God!" when she sees Ballerini's smiling face on her screen.

"Sweet Tori. So glad I got to see your pretty face and say hello & I can’t wait to hug you when I’m back in town," Ballerini captioned the video on her social media, urging her other fans to "send this angel your love."

"I just want to thank you so much for contacting me, and talking to me," Tori said in a  message to Ballerini. "This is one of the hardest hospital stays I've had, even though it's only for a week. But your phone call literally made my entire stay – it was amazing.

"Every time I would think of the conversation, I just started smiling. It was a very hard hospital stay, just because I was missing out on a lot of stuff, including the concert, and a lot of stuff was just not working out in my favor."

Ballerini kicked off her stint as Keith Urban’s special guest on the GRAFFITI U WORLD TOUR June 15 at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, MO, and she'll be supporting him through November 3 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.

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