Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Grunderson of Love and Theft may not get invited to any country celebrity hunts after their performance in the latest ‘Love and Theft TV’ episode. Watch both men in camoflauge and hunter’s orange try to hunt down a mythical beast known as Sasquirrel in this Taste of Country exclusive premiere video.

The clip below picks up where Part 1 left off last week, with Grundeson opting for a sword instead of more traditional outdoorsmen weaponry. “Have you seen ‘Lord of the Rings’? They dominate people with swords,” he reminds Liles, as he takes a nip from his flask. We don’t want to spoil the ending, but the squirrel gets a hold of his gun, and the hunted starts hunting the hunters.

“Popcorn, give us the strength to catch the sasquirrel!” is another great line heard in the webisode. They’re referring to Popcorn Sutton, implying that moonshine is in his little traveler flask. The duo are clearly far more expeienced musicians than hunters, as they’ll prove on July 24, when their self-titled album — featuring ‘Angel Eyes’ — becomes available.

Watch Love and Theft Search for Sasquirrel on ‘Love and Theft TV’

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