Charges have been filed against a 37-year-old Vineland man who is said to have killed a family including a 1-year-old infant while driving under the influence.

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Justice is on the way to being served in Cumberland County as charges have finally been brought against a man accused of multiple counts of aggravated assault as well as manslaughter for the deaths of Iban Garcia-Ruiz, his wife Elisa Perez-Hernandez, and their son, baby Ivan. The family was driving home on the night of November 1, 2020 when 37-year-old Modesto Pino ignored a stop sign at the intersection of Delsea Drive and Almond Road and crashed into the family's SUV.

Not too much is known regarding the type of injuries sustained by Ruiz and Hernandez, only that they didn't make it. says they were both declared dead at the scene of the accident upon the arrival of the authorities and emergency personnel. Their children were also in the vehicle at the time of the collision, both in the back seat. Their son and daughter both had to be rushed to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. Unfortunately, the couple's one-year-old son Ivan was not able to overcome them and he died the very next day.

The charges claim that the man they're deeming responsible for the crash, Modesto Pino, was not sober that night of the incident. He's being hit with with aggravated assault charges including vehicular assault. He's also charged the multiple counts of aggravated manslaughter as well as three counts of death by auto.


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