Brace yourself. What you're about to see will either offend you, crack you up, or make you question what the heck is life anymore.

It was that last one for me. Let me explain....

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a video that's the most head-scratching situation I've ever seen in my life. Do you have issues or insecurities about your "double chin"? Who doesn't, am I right? Even those of us who really don't have any double chin to speak of are self-conscious about ours.

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How far would you go to get rid of yours?

A weird video shared by a company based out of the United Kingdom demonstrates how by doing certain exercises, you can be on your way to a double chin-free life in just fifteen minutes. What do the exercises entail, you ask? It's best if you just witness them for yourself:

You saw what I just saw, right?! The first thing I thought of when watching this was how much trouble Jersey girls would be in if our fathers walked in on us "working out". Could you imagine the look on your dad's face after watching you perform that corn exercise? You're a dead woman.

I especially feel like this would be true for gals hailing from Margate. Not to single you out, but for some reason, I just imagine Margate dads being some of the strictest in South Jersey. I can envision you being grounded for an undisclosed amount of time and dad throwing away the key.

The sad part is, I would LOVE to see if these exercises actually work. Will I try them? Nope. Too afraid someone would walk in.

Source: Facebook

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