Everyday we do something called "Daily Dose of Good" for those who are in need or are doing some good for our community. This little boy Lukas has been in our #DailyDoseofGood segment twice already, so we figured it's about time we met him...

Credit: Rachel Marie TSM
Credit: Rachel Marie TSM

So yesterday, I decided to surprise Lukas and his family at the Wonder Bar in Atlantic City for a fundraiser that was being hosted, in his honor, by The Northfield Little League Baseball Team.

After his 1st birthday, doctors discovered that Lukas had developed a Brain Tumor. Now at a much older age, Lukas is learning how to knock brain cancer Out-of-the-Park while being surrounded by his teammates, and those who love and support him!

Lukas has always been a great friend and support to others, which was apparent in the fundraiser by how many people showed up!  I'm so glad I went because, boy let me tell you, this kid is amazing... Why don't you see for yourself:

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