Looks as if Hamilton Township will be experiencing some readjustments in one civil servant department.

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After what the Press of Atlantic City says are accusations of theft, misconduct, and conspiracy, Mizpah Fire Company is no more. More specifically, the township has ceased the lease agreement they had standing with the fire company, now turning it over to Buena Vista's Richland Fire Company. What should be concerning for not only the powers that be in Hamilton Township but the citizens as well is the fact that it was reported that nobody is able to figure out who the individuals are that supposedly served on Mizpah Fire Company's board of directors. The company is volunteer, therefore per 501C3 regulations must have a board.

If you are currently a resident of Hamilton Township, you may naturally have some concerns after hearing the news. For one, it's not weird to say that there's most likely some uneasiness about needing Buena Vista Township to cover a region that technically falls into Hamilton Township territory. Another aspect of this case that raises eyebrows is the fact that nobody has yet to comment on what specifically the one firefighter and fire chief have engaged in to result in Mizpah Fire Company's shutdown.

Hopefully, an additional region won't prove to be too much for the Richland Fire Company to handle while all of the Mizpah details get sorted out.


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