She states that it's not her business what her daughter chooses to wear, only her daughter's, even if that means she has on tight jeans and some midriff showing.

Bregel continues with commenting on her daughter's wardrobe on her first day of school. She, apparently, appeared to be five years older than she is. No one else has the right to comment on anyone else's parenting style, but it's warranted to point out that while you shouldn't infringe on your child's desire to experiment, it's important to keep it age-appropriate.

That opinion has nothing to do with prohibiting the nourishment of self-confidence and everything to do with preserving childhood for as long as possible. There's so many aspects of life that force premature adulthood onto our kids these days. We don't have to contribute to that. It's a fine line, for sure, especially when attempting to teach our daughters their worth as women in today's society. While you should in no way project a patriarchal agenda onto them, you still must set boundaries. Not because you're conforming, but to ensure that the confidence they're building is innate in nature and not due to the attention they're getting for standing out.

Originality and individuality should be encouraged, nurtured even! However, it's important to ensure your kid's innocence and childhood doesn't get lost in the process.


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