If you've been tired of having nails that look like they've been painted by a toddler (like I have), there is good news!

Salons like barber shops and hair salons will have to follow social distancing and similar health guidelines.

Nail salons were initially excluded from the reopenings, but they were added later on.

It's been an interesting few months without nail salons. When they first closed, I, along with many other of my friends and family, had to figure out how to remove my dip manicure myself. That is a very small problem to have, compared to what is going on in the world.

I completely understood the reasoning to close the nail salons, and it has been nice to let my nails breathe for a little bit, however, I am so excited for nail salons to reopen. I have been known to rock some crazy nails (like the ones below), and I can't wait to hear the clickety-clack of my nails on my keyboard again.

Diana Tyler Photo
Diana Tyler Photo

I realize in the grand scheme of things, nails aren't a big deal. As long as we are all healthy, that's all that matters! Are you excited for nail salons to reopen?

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