If that title didn't raise your cause for alarm, think again.

Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey coast 7 years ago yesterday. The anniversary of the billion-dollar devastation calls into question why New Jersey's ability to quite literally weather the storm has decreased over the last few years.

NJ.com reports that it's actually predicted to get worse. New Jersey is sinking due to water elevations that have been at a consistent rise for the last one hundred years. NJ.com claims that Atlantic City water levels have risen 6 inches in the last in the last almost-40 years alone. That might not seem like a lot to the average person, but to the professionals, that's a red flag.

Not only that, but the water off NJ's coast apparently heats up faster than 99% of the entire world's water. This has reportedly been the case since 2004! You know what warm water attracts? Hurricanes.

Hurricanes thrive in warmer temperatures, so combine that fact with the increasingly high water levels and you've got a pretty devastating result here in South Jersey.

While NJ.com found that future of our region can shine brighter if those in power start focusing on ways to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, whether or not enough action will be taken before it's too late is another question entirely.

Source: NJ.com


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