I swear...either I'm destined to be a storm chaser or the devil is determined to give my mother a heart attack.

The answer is most likely, YES.
Yes, I am about to be head-to-head with another hurricane: Hurricane Nate

I've had plans to visit bae in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for months now.

And of course, the day before I'm scheduled to leave (today) I receive news that Hurricane Nate is supposed to make landfall there on Sunday Morning.

Now this all seems way too familiar...

For those who need a refresher, I was stuck in the Dominican Republic when Hurricane Irma hit. My boyfriend and I were placed in a shelter in Punta Cana and classified as "refugees" of the DR. Needless to say...We're not new to this.

What's oddly similar in both of these situations is:

  1. That I've been notified of both storms THE DAY BEFORE I'm scheduled to head to my destination.
  2. Both storms have been estimated to make landfall on the day that I'm scheduled to depart from my destination.


Now my questions is: Do I still go and risk getting stuck in another hurricane? Or should I have learned from my first lesson and cancel my flight? Comment below!

SOS--stay tuned for updates!

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