While we're bracing for the impact as Hurricane Isaias starts barreling down, there's no doubt a portion of your mind that flashes back to 2012 and the devastation that rocked South Jersey that was left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

There was so much destruction everywhere you turned in this part of the region that it's not surprising we take every threat of a hurricane seriously. Hurricane Isaias is no exception. We've prepared and there's nothing left to do now but ride it out. It's hard not to think about the possibilities of what could happen, but all we can do is make sure we're ready and hope for the best.

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This time, hopefully it's only the strong winds we have to worry about rather than the levels of rainfall. Remember how much the water rose at all the beaches? This video of Wildwood Crest during Sandy shows just how strong Mother Nature is.

If you remember, the crest really didn't have much home damage. The beaches were eroded, of course. Make sure you stay safe during this week's storm.

Source: Youtube


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