According to USA Today, "Across the United States, about 1 in every 10 Americans – 10.3 percent – live alone. More than 1 in every 4 households – 27.9 percent – are made up of a single individual." In New Jersey about 25% of the population lives alone according to

Lucky for the 25% of New Jersey residents, the state is the safest state to live alone according to data compiled by

It may be costly to live in New Jersey on your own, but at least you know that you are statistically safer than the other 49 states.

In order to come up with the ranking of safest and most dangerous states, A Secure Life looked at a plethora of data including: property/violent crime rates, local law enforcement, and percentage of single households. They used the Census and FBI Data to back their findings. With that data they created two lists, the top ten safest and top ten most dangerous states to live alone.

The most dangerous states include: Alaska (#1), Maryland (#2), Delaware (#6), and Louisiana (#10).

The safest state as mentioned above is New Jersey, also on that list: New York (#2), Pennsylvania (#7), and Missouri (#10).

The site also provides tips to make living alone safer no matter where you live. They expand on why these things create a safer living environment which includes: getting a dog, knowing your neighbors, upgrading your locks, and getting a home security system.

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