Are you sick and tired of getting those pesky telemarketer calls? Or do you actually enjoy them?

Either way, New Jersey Senator Anthony Bucco (R - Morris County), is sponsoring legislation that would establish a special Task Force whose mission it'll be to protect you from telemarketers harassing and intimidating you over the phone.

Senator Bucco said the bill was advanced by the Senate Commerce Committee this week.

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“In order to reduce the harassment and intimidation carried out by some telemarketers, we need to modernize consumer protections to keep up with advancing technology,” Bucco said in a statement. “My legislation will establish a task force, consisting of experts and individuals who have experienced telemarketing harassment, to develop strategies to combat this awful behavior.”

Bucco adds that the Task Force set up under his bill, S-2946, would work out of the Division of Consumer Affairs within the Department of Law and Public Safety.

Their objective is to dive into the world of technology and make recommendations on what they feel will help reduce incidents of telemarketing harassment and intimidation of residents across the state.

“As is often the case with telemarketing harassment, as well as phone scams and other abhorrent schemes, our senior communities are typically targeted the most,” Bucco said. “This legislation is a necessary and crucial first step that will protect all New Jerseyans, particularly our seniors, from this reprehensible behavior.”

Bucco said the task force would be comprised of 11 people, including the Attorney General, the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs and three senior citizens "who have experienced telemarketing harassment and intimidation."

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