The world we live in is now a place where people can't discipline their kids without endless opinions flowing in from the peanut gallery. Basically, you're screwed if you do and you're screwed if you don't.

Welcome to parenting in the 21st century.

These two dads showed the world what it looks like when you step up to the plate and discipline your children regardless of potential ridicule.

Daily Mail Australia shared this video to Facebook featuring two different parents forcing their kids to walk to school after they got suspended for bullying. Watch:

The comments are ridden with backlash and accusations of child abuse. However, people fail to acknowledge that many school districts are still non-bussing districts which means there are tons of kids walking further than this every day to school one-way. It's a surprise though that so many people have commented in support of the dads' parenting techniques. It's a relief to know that there's hope for the generation on the way.

Parenting's difficult; it's not supposed to be easy. You're the parent, not a friend. While instilling discipline is hard, it's absolutely essential.

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