A 58-year-old man from Pennsylvania is facing charges after reportedly exposing himself to women on a Cape May beach.

The 'flashing' happened just after 4 p.m. Monday afternoon on Baltimore Avenue beach in the shore town, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

As far as we know, Cape May doesn't have any nudist beaches. Wait...DO THEY?

Anyhow, David B. Bausback of Warrington is accused of approaching several women sans any clothing in broad daylight. Could you imagine seeing a naked person just wandering around and then making their way toward you uninvited? We can almost hear Phoebe Buffay shrieking, 'My eyes! My eyes!' (If you know, you know.)

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Luckily, several of Bausback's traumatized victims were able to follow him off the beach and alert police to the harassment. He was simply charged with lewdness.

Police did not say if Bausback offered any explanation as to why he was strolling the beach in his birthday suit.


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