Could a bit of normalcy FINALLY be returning for our kids amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Apparently so.

Now, before getting into the latest details released by the Center For Disease Control, don't go getting too excited. It's not as if ANYONE has the power to force ANY school district to do something they don't feel ready to do. However, the CDC did release a plan on Friday that would help get students back into the classroom sooner rather than later without the need for vaccinations.

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Of course, vaccinations are encouraged. However, reports that with the necessary precautions in place and a strict adherence to social distancing guidelines, students should be able to safely return to school in the near future. According to healthcare officials, the majority of cases that have broken out in a school setting have resulted from a less-than-strict adherence to mask protocols. With aid promised by the Biden administration, it seems students may find themselves back to in-person learning even here in NJ within the next three and a half months or so.

With that being said, whether or not students return will depend on the communities in which they live. Apparently, the powers-that-be will have to assess the risk of sending students back to in-person learning based on the outbreaks of positive cases within the communities themselves. If the likelihood of a widespread outbreak is low, then a green-light will be given to resume in-person lessons. However, if it's likely that sending students back will result in a huge spike in positive cases, then it may only be advised for that district to send back the elementary grades.

To read more about what the CDC's advising regarding a return to in-person learning, click HERE.



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