So, we're about, what, a good week into the self quarantine mandate?

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Things are getting a little crazy at home right now. You're home with your significant other and the kids all day long, constantly getting hit with demands like "play with me", "clean this, please", or "can I have a snack?"

Chances are, for the last request, you've resorted to telling the kids to grab something for themselves. Something approved by you, of course.

Well, for this mom, when her daughter attempted to get a bowl of cereal, it didn't exactly go the way it should have.

Coffee filters for a bowl of Reese's Puffs. You're probably not deep enough into a period of self isolation yet if you're not cracking up at that. One thing's for sure, this little girl can follow directions. It clearly shows the Reese's Puffs in the wrapper. Coffee filters look like the wrapper so, can you even be mad?

Nope, you sure can't.

Source: Facebook

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