Dear Driver Who Thought the Ambulance was an Inconvenience on Your Day,

On my work this morning, an ambulance was headed in my direction. I was approaching a cross street so I made the decision to do the responsible thing and pull over to the shoulder before approaching said street. My thought process was that the ambulance may be turning onto that street. As luck would have it, I was correct. Who didn’t have that thought process? You. You, my fellow driver, thought that you didn’t need to stop for the ambulance. You decided to not only drive past the ambulance, but to drive around me as I was stopped in the shoulder.

I am here, writing to you, to tell you that you were wrong. Where were you going that you felt that you were more important than the ambulance? Why do you feel that you are above the law?

I cannot sit here, writing a letter to you, and pretend that I am in any way, shape, or form perfect. I live in the metaphorical glass house that we all live in. Have I received a speeding ticket in the past? Yes. Have I made the mistake of pulling one of those rolling stop turns and not make a full and complete stop? Yes. However, when I see an emergency service vehicle approaching I do the lawful thing and move over.

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You my fellow driver, sped around me and drove right past the ambulance. I understand the morning commute can be stressful. I understand that there is a good chance you were running late. However, taking the 10 seconds to move over and allow the ambulance to drive past, or in this case turn, is a blink of an eye in comparison to the rest of your day.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one I will be addressing.

As I was stopped I glanced in my side mirror at the car behind me. Unlike you, they had been stopped in the shoulder behind me. Once the ambulance was turning in front of me, I took a peak in my side view mirror. The exact moment the ambulance’s rear tires crossed I could see the driver behind me frustratingly wave me on to go. My dear friend, patience is a virtue.

Taking that brief moment to wait as the ambulance passed you by is not to much to ask of you. So, I ask you to please take this letter into consideration next time you drive. If you see an ambulance please do the considerate and lawful thing by moving over for it.


A Concerned Driver.


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