Earlier this week I wrote a story of a van I saw driving through the parking lot of the Target store in Mays Landing.

Honestly I was disgusted by some of the stickers that this person had on the back of his van - for all to see.

I posted a photo of the van, blurring out the license plate.

My editors quickly worked to also blur out some of the stickers. OK, I get it.

The story was purely MY OPINION of the guy and his van. (I called him a jerk for having the stickers on his van.)

You can check out the original story here.

I've been amazed at some of the reactions.

For example, a lot of people lit into me for being against "Freedom of Speech." Honestly, I never called for any action on anyone's part. He can do what he wants, say what he wants, put anything on his van that he wants.

I just objected to it.

So, really, if you're attacking me for stifling free speech (which I wasn't) you're kind of attacking me for expressing my free speech, aren't you?  Aren't I entitled to the same free speech as he is?

Now, I do know that obscenity is not covered by free speech laws. I would personally call a bumper sticker that says, "Wanted: Your lips on my c**k" obscene. Again, though, that's just ME - my opinion. I'm neither a judge nor jury.

Yes, I think it's disgusting to display that in public - that anyone, including children, can see.

I did receive a couple of voice mails from a man who claims to be the vehicle's owner. He contended in his messages that it's all meant in fun - in good humor. "Everyone" finds it funny, he said.

Ask someone who's been sexually abused or molested if they find it funny.

Several people commented that there are worse things on the internet and TV. Of course, there are - but you can choose not to go to the internet or watch the TV shows. You can't choose not to be behind a van with vulgar stickers on it and young kids in your car.

Several people said if it bothered me, I shouldn't look at it. Well, same with this article - if bothers you, don't click on it

In conclusion - I am not against free speech, but I am for better values for our people. Am I fighting a losing battle? I hope not.

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