How would you like to pull into the parking lot where you work to find a handful of people shoving phones in your face, calling you names - basically harassing you as you begin your day?

In a nutshell, that's pretty much how I would describe what happened to the members of the Pleasantville Police Department recently.

Sure, we've learned that some of America's police officers are trouble, and some sort of oversight can be necessary.

Showing up at your local police station and barging your way into a department's day is not the way to do it.

(I sincerely admit that just sharing this video probably gives more publicity to this group. I hope you'll agree with me that in this case, it's bad publicity to those hiding behind their phones.)

*NOTE: Language is not safe for work.

These citizens - apparently part of some group from somewhere - took it upon themselves to capture on video officers entering and leaving the Pleasantville station, shouting out pretty much anything they cared to say.

Lots of name calling can be heard, and lots of things a parent wouldn't want their children to hear. Plenty of profanity. Are they proud of themselves?

Who deserves that treatment?

Not the majority of police officers in Pleasantville, South Jersey, and America.

What good is this exercise? What does this prove? What is the end game here?

God forbid that YOU were in trouble in Pleasantville and you needed the help of these officers, who would have had to pussyfoot around these "citizens."

Again, I can understand people wanting change, wanting reform. Fine. Then do something constructive. This is not it.

A shout out to the Pleasantville officers who kept their cool during this obvious harassment. No one deserves this treatment.

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