There was more action off the field than on during Friday night's Pennsauken High School football game, and it had nothing to do with the score.

Pennsauken was home against rival Camden High School when the game was called off at halftime, reportedly because so many fights broke out.

Billy Snyder, Pennsauken HS's athletic director, tells Courier Post fists began to fly among fans at the game, with altercations spilling out away from the football field.

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Out of an abundance of caution, Pennsauken Police and school officials chose to cancel the remainder of the game.

Camden head coach Dwayne Savage is concerned a year of virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic may being a contributing factor to bad behavior, telling Courier Post, “This is the first time that they [students] get to come out. Their social skills are not there. You got to think, people have been locked in for almost a year and a half, two years. I don’t know when normal is going to happen, but eventually, it’s got to happen.”

FYI, Camden Panthers were winning at halftime, so they received the win.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Is nothing SAFE? No one should have to look over their shoulder at a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME.

This is not the first incident of unrest at a high school football game this season. Earlier this month there were reports of a shooting near Cherry Hill High School West as they played Bridgeton High. Eight shell casings were reportedly found on the scene. Police are still investigating.

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