Lots of foul language, and a large police presence are featured on a video filmed in Pleasantville yesterday.

According to the website, BreakingAC.com, it was a man having a medical emergency in the parking lot of Kings Super Food Market on North Main Street that sparked a controversy.

In a video shared on Facebook Sunday afternoon, it appears bystanders are upset that an ambulance has not appeared to tend to the man with the medical emergency. According to BreakingAC.com:

At one point the officer comes close to the man on the ground, his dog pulling and barking toward the area.
An ambulance is not seen until about nine minutes into the video, pulled into Lake Place on the opposite side of the lot. 
Rather than medical staff coming across the lot with a stretcher, two officers carry the man across the lot in a near seated position, each with an arm under his knee.

WARNING: Video contains strong, explicit language.

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