Over the weekend I stumbled upon an article talking about boo vending machines that are being used in some New Jersey schools. At first, I was a tad confused, what is the point of something like this? How would a book vending machine work? Do kids need to pay for the books? Is this to replace the library? After reading up on these new vending machines, I was pro-vending machine.

Leonardo Elementary School in Middletown has brought one of these book vending machines to their school after a PTA member read an article about them. The hope is that the vending machine will bring fun and excitement to reading for kids.

The way the school is using their book vending machine is to encourage good behavior. In first grade, I remember my teacher had a mystery box filled with candy and if we did something extraordinary or answered a tough question we got to reach our hand into the box to get a piece of candy. It didn't matter what we got, it was just exciting to win something.


According to NJ.com, "The vending machine is operated by special gold coins given out to students who are awarded student of the month or have other good behavior in class."

The school's PTA worked on getting the funding for this $3,800 machine last spring and was able to purchase it this past September.

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