People, companies, and groups are always analyzing data and ranking things.

Such is the case with state rankings of penis size and use of swear words.

By the way - two different bits of research.

A website,, which claims to be America's first online condom store, has issued a press release extolling its own research concerning penis size. The site used information on condom sales, based on sizes sold, to rank penis size by state.

A list of the states shows New Jersey finishing 14th from the top. The states that finished first and second were North Dakota and Rhode Island. The rest of the top 10 states were: South Dakota, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Arizona, Alabama, New York, and South Carolina. Bottom of the list: Mississippi.

Granted, the list is far from scientific, and is based on what people choose to buy. One could even guess some of the purchases may not be on items that were actually necessarily size-correct.

A second state ranking concerns potty mouths: a state-by-state ranking of how often people swear.

New Jersey finished third. What the F***? Ohio was first, with Maryland second. Accompanying New Jersey in the top 5 were Louisiana and Illinois.

According to, the rankings are based on data used from phone calls. For example, calls to customer service reps. Oops!

So, New Jersey, there we are!

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