19-year old Keith Pinto died this past Monday after being struck by lightning on an Ocean County beach.

Pinto was a lifeguard along with his twin brother for a few summers now. His twin brother Kevin happened to have off that day. Over the course of the last few days, various family members and close friends trekked out to the Seaside Park beach where Pinto took his last breaths. Little tokens were being placed where he struck down as soon as Monday night. Now, the beach where Pinto lost his life is now a full-blown memorial dedicated to the lifeguard gone way too soon.

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Keith Pinto's death is currently being felt all up and down the New Jersey coastline. Truth be told, the accident could've happened to anyone. That's exactly what it was, a freak accident. Everyone who knew Pinto loved him. He's always been complimented on his athletic abilities and his kind heart. The community of Toms River and the surrounding beach towns are especially missing Pinto in the days since his passing.

The end to a long and, no doubt, emotional week will come Saturday, September 4th, when Keith Pinto will finally be laid to rest. Pinto will be buried on Saturday, September 4th after a mass at 9:30a at St Joseph's in Toms River.

For more information regarding the accident as well as the funeral services, you can click HERE.

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