That's one way to class up Christmas dinner.

A restaurant in NYC is now serving....

Wait for it....

24 karat gold wrapped steak.

Yep, twenty-four karats. How much does a dinner featuring the most expensive metal in existence cost, you ask? Oh, not too much. Just a cool FOUR HUNDRED freaking DOLLARS. So, if you're willing to cough up that kind of dough on just your entree alone, here's all you need to know.

For one, the 212 Steakhouse in NYC is the only restaurant on the East Coast authorized to sell the certified Japanese beef. Kobe beef is so rare, in fact, that only .06% of the meat in it's country of origin (Japan) is classified as such.

What makes Kobe beef so desirable and luxurious is it's tenderness, texture, and health factor compared to most commercial beef. Also, the mysterious practices perfomed to force the Japanese Black cows to achieve Kobe status have become urban legends in their own right. Read about them here!

Without further ado, check out the 24k gold steak dinner:

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