A rocket that was set to launch Wednesday (May 31) has been rescheduled for early Friday (June 2) morning and may be seen from South Jersey.

If you are an early riser you may want to look to the sky this Friday morning. NASA announced a rocket that was set to launch on Wednesday has been rescheduled to this Friday morning, with backup dates of June 3rd-June 6th.

The rocket will be launching between 4:26 a.m. and 4:41am.

[UPDATE]: Launch has been postponed. Will launch as early as June 11th.

According to NASA this will be the visibility range:

via NASA.gov
via NASA.gov

The rocket will be dispersing canisters around 4 minutes after it launches. These canisters will be releasing blue-green and red vapors that will form artificial clouds. This will allow NASA to track particle motions in space. These vapors may be visible from New York to North Carolina.

According to NASA the flight time will be approximately 8 minutes. The vapors pose no harm to residents in the surrounding areas. It will land in the Atlantic Ocean with no plan of recovery.


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