Did you just by a brand new TV on Black Friday?

Hate to break it to you, but you'll probably want to upgrade after you hear about this.

Samsung just released their brand new television they're calling "The Wall". It measures in at 219 inches, over 50 inches larger than the new TV they unveiled last year. Why so big? The Wall is a modular set, which means it expands!

Business Insider reveals that the modular set features microLED. Instead of the TV looking like a plain black rectangle hanging in the middle of the room. this set can display various digital art, pictures, etc. while in sleep mode.

In summary, Samsung's newest TV isn't just for watching; it also serves as an interchangeable art gallery, making this the first TV in history to serve as not only an electronic device, but also home decor.

How cool is that? Check out the unveiling below.

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