With the holiday season right around the corner, it's no surprise Apple's finally released it's new line of smartphones.

Feast your eyes on the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 11 series:

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

If you're familiar with Apple's last line of iPhones, then you may or may not be happy to know there's not much difference between the iPhone XR and the basic iPhone 11. It is important to note though that you'll get an extra hour of battery life. Some other cool features of the basic iPhone 11 include a 5 mega-pixel increase in the front-facing camera. Formerly only having 7 mega-pixels, the 11 now has 12 mega-pixels, so selfies are about to look better than ever. Also, the basic model of the iPhone 11 doesn't start at $1000. This model starts at $699.

What's really exciting are the iPhone 11 Pro models. There are two: the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

These phones have some really cool camera features including, according to CNET.com, the three rear cameras that allow for some super epic landscape shots. Also, these phones have a four and five hour battery life increase compared to their older counterparts. What's really epic about the two Pro models is the rumor of a 'Deep Fusion' feature that is coming down the pike that will result in some awesome pictures that otherwise wouldn't turn out well because of low-lighting situations.

What isn't an update? The prices of the Pro models. They're still basically the equivalent to the millennials' average monthly rent.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Yeah, so not much of an upgrade in terms of affordability, but that won't stop people from dropping everything to place their pre-order. The first batch of phones are set to arrive in stores September 20th.

Source: CNet.com