...And now the two worlds have collided.... sort of.

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The drink creators (official title unknown) from what's now known as Pabst Labs have apparently been hard at work in the kitchen recently based off of Pabst Blue Ribbon's latest Instagram post. PBR posted a picture Wednesday (10/2) revealing the newest creation: Cannabis-infused seltzer.

Surely, in some corner of the internet, people are up in arms over combining alcohol and THC. These people, however, are ignorant considering the seltzer drink in fact DOES NOT contain any alcohol whatsoever. Hence the reason we added the "sort of" to the opening line....


According to Thrillest.com, the drink is the brainchild of former PBR employees who took note of a hole in the market. Some people prefer marijuana over alcohol. Now, they can have their beer and.... get high, too? Make sense? You get it...

The only flavor revealed so far has been lemon, however it's a safe bet there are more soon to come. These new seltzer creations lead customers to wonder whether or not more brewing companies will follow suit. Can we expect more THC-infused beverages in the future? Also, will the age restrictions on these distributions remain the same?

We'll have to wait a while for those answers since the seltzers have only so far been released in California. One could guess that soon, the infused seltzers will be distributed to all states that have so far made marijuana legal.

Doesn't seem plausible that the drink will be sold in Jersey anytime soon, though.


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