Sea Isle City has approved a plan they hope will control rowdy teens from misbehaving this summer after complaints over the last two years about unruly kids vandalizing, cursing, drinking, and urinating in public.

The Sea Isle City Council voted 5-0 on two ordinances that will go into effect from Memorial Day until Labor Day, according to Sea Isle News.

What's Sea Isle's Plan to Keep the Peace with Rowdy Teens?

- A curfew for kids under 18 years old from 10 pm until 6 am, except when in the company of adults or traveling to or returning from summer jobs.

- Banning the use of backpacks after 10 pm on beaches and the Promenade for juveniles and adults. The idea is to prevent the use of backpacks to hide alcohol and contraband.

- Sea Isle City Police will give violators of these proposed ordinances fair warning before taking juveniles to a new police sub-station at 40th and the Promenade, where they will wait while their parents are called and come for them. Adults violating the backpack ban will be fined for using them after hours.

What is Sea Isle City's Hope for the Proposed Ordinances?

Sea Isle City Mayor Lenny Desiderio has been a vocal critic of the NJ state lawmakers for not coming to the aid of South Jersey beach towns asking for help with the problem of rowdy teens during the summer.

Desiderio hopes these new ordinances will give Sea Isle City police more control over the situation this summer.

“It’s designed to get kids home, where they belong,” City Solicitor Paul Baldini said of the curfew during the Council meeting.

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